Friday, June 5, 2009

Club Penguin Jukebox

Welcome to the Club Penguin Jukebox project official site.
This website is a branch of Club Penguin Xtreme Cheats and is copyright of such.
All music SWFs here are found by Supersoradud and Supersoradud alone. None of them were taken from other web sites or sources.

What is the Club Penguin Jukebox Project?
To provide a single source for all users of Club Penguin to come to for Music SWFs which they can use in any way they wish.

CP SWF Files
(Dojo Music)
(Java Shop Music)
(Dance Club)
(Boiler Room)
(Hawaiian Party)
(Hawaiian Party 2)
(Pizza Parlor)
(Space Play)
(Twelfth Fish)
(Super Hero Music)
(Team Blue’s Rally Debut)
(Quest for the Golden Puffle)
(The Penguins That Time Forgot)
(Team Blue’s Rally 2)
(Ruby and the Ruby)
(Space Play: Planet Y)
(Hydro Hopper)
(Bean Counters)
(Puffle Round Up)
(Gone Ice Fishing)
(Egyptian Cart Surfer?)
(Cart Surfer)
(Pizzatron 3000)
(Jetpack Adventure)
(Thin Ice)
(Surfing Game)
(Aqua Grabber)
(Aqua Grabber Lvl. 2)
(Jingle Bells)
(April Fools Party)
(April Fools Party Dance Club)
(April Fools Party Boiler Room)
(Ice Party 1)
(Winter Fiesta)
(Festival of Snow)
(St. Patrick’s Day Party)
(Driving Guitar)
(Rockhopper Song)
(Penguin Games 1)
(Cool Surf Music)
(Summer Party 1)
(Summer Party 2)
(Water Party)
(Water Party 2)
(Camp Penguin)
(Camp Penguin 2)
(Fall Fair)
(Fall Fair Games)
(Halloween Party)
(Halloween Dance Club)
(Medieval Party 1)
(Medieval Party 2)
(Halloween Dojo)
(Music Jam Island Music)
(Music Jam Rock Music/Penguin Games Team Music)
(Music Jam Disco Music)
(Music Jam Dance Club Music/DJ3K Music)
(Music Jam Pink Pop Music)
(Penguin Band Music)
(Orca Straw Music)
(Cowboy Music)
(Icicle Music)
(Penguin Games “Pump” Music)
(CP Year 3 Music)
(Halloween Party ’08 Music)
(Halloween Party ’08 Music 2)
(Halloween Pizza Parlor Music)
(Christmas Party 2008 Music 1)
(Christmas Party 2008 Music 2)
(Christmas Party 2008 - Underground)
(Epic Win)
(Penguin Band Boogie)
(Puffle Party Music 1)
(Puffle Party Music 2)
(Puffle Party Music 3)
(St. Patrick’s Day 2009 Party [1])
(St. Patrick’s Day 2009 Party [2])
(Box Dimension Music)

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